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The Ultimate Guide To Be More Mascular


All right so you want to be big you want to be strong beautiful in high school feral or college festival all for your overall physical health the point being you want some muscle and you want it fast. well that's the stupid because there is no shortcut to strength and size after all so if you are looking for something quick and easy shut this blog  and go read  something else but if you are serious about your long-term health.

if you're serious about your muscle and strength gains if you do care and if you do give a single flight about your personal health settle down get comfortable and read  this blog gentleman my name Aanand sah and this is my story.  Your story to take you back in time and show you. how why and when I did it so why wait why delay.

 okay so before I get into the diet before I tell you what food to eat and which exercise split should you do let's go back in time let me take you for a ride it's so back to where it all started for me let's go back and see how I have progress to be this might be free okay so this is me fresh out of 12 sander way back in 2010.

it's good basketball captain one of the most hated individuals of my batch mate  of the most hated individuals of my course or my class as I would like to say more on it later more about this whole thing in a different blog but that was what I was53 kg of all bones and zero muscle 18 years old never give a single about nutrition exercise or diet all I wanted to do back then was play some ball and fly some planes that was my life goal that was all that I wanted back then and that's exactly where I up no not the airplanes part not my flying part. I'm still a very happy proud pilot and I love flying but that's a different story.

 what I was really stupid about what I was really ignorant about it was my physical health you see I was terribly late to this fitness party I started weightlifting when I was 18 years old. I wish I would have started it when I was 13 or 15 years old because that would have given me such a great advantage such a great heads-up in this old fitness and strength training zone but regardless of all that Here I am 18years old trying to get myself fit for the medical examinations

that I'll have to go through for my pilot's license and there's this one thing that, I discovered that kind of forced me to get into weightlifting and gain some weight and whatnot I was 53 kilos like I said and I was seven kilos underweight then my said normal weight for my height so the only way out for me was get on some diet and gain some weight to avoid some extra stupid medical tests that I'll need to undergo if I am NOT making this certain way so here I am checking out. the gyms around my place and I found this one particular gym which was very close to my place five witness, defy fitness, club corporate that's probably one of the best freaking gyms in the country.

 I wasn't aware of it I had no idea about it back then anyway so I start weight training is a strength lifting and has funny thing that happened the more I trained the more I researched the more I learned about these things the more I got into it as obvious as it may sound it didn't take me a whole lotto realize how much I missed it how much I loved it and how much I cherished every single bit of it you see I think it was because I took it as a sport because after my high school after my12th standard I haven't been to any formal college assets so there was no competitive sports I could participate in there was no competitive math silver tournaments I could play our badminton tournaments like wood plane all that so this all of things strength training body building as you would like to say all of it I know became my sport the only thing I cared about back then my former physical well-being the only thing.

 I looked forward to for my physical health was this gym was strength training was making new peers was getting me stronger and bigger every freaking day so, fast forward seven years and Here I am I can literally count the number of times I have had pieces in my life I can literally count the number of burgers. I have written in my life and alcohol well. I wasn't really a fan of that team anywhere you see I weigh about 75 kilos now that's 22 kgs heavier than what I was that's 22 kilos of solid quality muscle slow steady.

 but yet quality muscle I'm not trying to tell you that this is the only way to do it what I'm trying to tell you what I'm trying to say is my story because this is exactly how I did it gentlemen this physical health of your that's very important to take it slow but do it strong because it's well worth the food get at it embrace it and enjoy the changing process because life as you know it isn't always the same so give it all to you've kind of ordered a series of new videos on nutrition and exercise starting next week on this blog.