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Best Exercise To Grow your Biceps And triceps

 Best Workouts To Grow Your Biceps And Triceps size

All right so I have written about this topic I discussed.  all right ease the about this topic in one of my other articles and you all seem very interested you all seem very excited about it gentleman. the the topic was the idea was how to get an athletic body or how should you work out what should you do what are the few things you should keep in mind if you want that perfect athletic body because let's be honest here.

I have not a big muscular guy, I am not some huge powerlifts that are very aesthetically pleasing bodybuilder but I think I have attained a decent athletic physique over the years I think I have attained some decent athletic strength over the year. it won't be anything harmful it won't be anything bad if I share my process if I tell you what I have learnt and what can you do to attain or to get that nice aesthetic body so you have been requesting you have been wanting no you have it no you have my very first athletic arms workout how did I get in this how did I get them over can you do about it for your super athletic hours general.

I am NOT a big muscular guy I am NOT someone who's very hardcore into bodybuilding or anything like that I am this guy who's a big fan of strength training I am this guy who's a big fan of working out assets but I'm not a fan of the whole jimang and getting a big nice beefy physique kind of a concept because that's a very difficult goal for me to attain one because of my body type and because of my BMR and all that good things and two it's just not my style I want to be a fast athletic and a very functionally fit guy.

I want to have a very strong relative strength to my weight to my height and therefore I want the physique that complements all of that it works with my physical that works with my aesthetic alignment keeping in mind so you have to be very sure you have to be very well aware oft his thing if you want an athletic body or if you want something like this a lean muscular body you have to be aware you have to know that okay this is what I am working for.  this is the end goal I don't want to be big,

I don't want to be thin I want to have an athletic body so I have to do things to attain or to get that athletic body so the very first thing that you have to do the very first thing that you have to know before you start training your athletic arms as such is you knowing a proportions right you knowing your measurements and if you want to look a certain way if you aesthetically want to have some decent sized arms.

you have to exactly know how much bigger or how much more muscular your arms need to be one very easy way to do so one very easy way to find it out is by watching our video on how to find your aesthetic goal it's a very easy rates is a concept actually you can learn more about it by watching this video but the point being you take a measuring tape you measure your wrist size your wrist size and your shoulder size on you rankle size will give you the approximate measurements that your body needs to be in so that you can look your most aesthetic self now I am a guy who has about a six and a half or six point seven five inches there for my arms or my overall aesthetic body needs to be a need to be of a certain measurement to make me look like the guy who actually goes in the gym and there's some weights for me I have to have at least 15 inch arms I have to have a 48 inch chest and all that good things you can learn more about this matter by watching that video but my goal here is to maintain this whole idea of how do you look your most aesthetic self how do you get that big God physique by keeping these two measurements in mind but the thing is I am also six foot one six foot one and a half so I have to take care of that thing I have to take account of that thing as well because the risk that I have is relatively very small for a guy beside therefore the average body measurement calculator says my arms to be around fifteen inches I would actually have to get them around fifteen and a half sixteen inches which is my goal which is my five to six years ago so by the time I'm 32 or 33 I should hopefully have sixteen inch arms on this frame well the goal being we are all a work in progress and this is what I am doing this is how I train my arms to embrace and be a part of the process exercise number one or walk out number one I'll do some

1Close Grip tricep dips now this is basically a warm-up exercise for my tricep my shoulders and my some part of my pictorial because I would want to warm my arms up before I go into the training mode now I haven't really trained arms specifically on a set different day before because I never really knew because I never really gave it the importance it deserved I always used the power lift and bench and then you store donate these on those specific days I never really had a separate day to do arms but now I do because now I'm really hard to grow in these puppies to16 inches in the next day for you so what I'll do is I'll vomit up by some Close Grip dips and and also on my biceps or by doing some pull-ups two very basic bodyweight exercises you can even do it at home keeping the form in mind keeping the range of motion in mind I'll try doing three sets of around eight to ten reps now if I find it easy I can or I can hold a dumbbell in between my legs and I can make it difficult I can add some resistance and therefore do less setups but keep the intensity high but once I'm done with these three sets I'll move on to my second bigger more compound tricep exercise for the day and that exercise or one of my favorite exercise in this case is the Close Grip tricep  bench press you can also mix and match with dumbbell bench press if you want but I like the Bible because I like the whole idea of lying flat on the bar and using baths to help my bench press as well as my triceps at the same time so this is my main lift I'll do it on five reps of around four to five sets once I'm done with that I'll move on to my third arm workout do a tricep workout being you

tricep overhead extension now for this particular exercise you can even uses tumble you can even use the EZ-Skull crusher bar and you can do that behind your neckline flat on the bench. but I like doing it with the cable because it adds extra resistance to the motion so I like it so what I'll do that select my weight I'll put the back on the cable pulley machine and I'll do some sets of extensions now this is not going to be a low rep and high set workout because this is the machine workout I don't like to go for 4 reps of 5 EPS on anything that includes a machine because it's a whole lot more strenuous on our joints so a lamp of my reps of it I'll do 8 to 12 reps for three sets and I'll conclude my tricep extension oh my tricep over head extension once I'm done with that I'll do some great tricep pushdown now the way I'm doing this the way I have been doing this is directly taught and learned from the K element or Keyser Kapadia fitness Academy because that's what I have learnt all my basic workout movement.

 that's what I have learnt all of my exercise movements and that's how I like to Train that's how I see most results and that's the most scientific way to do therefore if you haven't seen Kaiser Kapadia if you don't know who it is if you don't know about his workout order straining splits or anything that a Pitchess I would HIGHLY highly recommend you check out his channel I would even recommend you checkout athlean-x channel gentlemen these two guys are the only two guys you need to follow in the fitness industry.

 if you really want to be strong fit and really very aesthetically pleasing in the same time so as you see my tricep extension my  tricep pushdown sorry my a bit funny but that's how I do it it's basically the woman that you will use when you're trying to pump up your bicycle using that manual bicycle pump that's the exact way you train your triceps in this you take the bar and you use your shoulders you let the bar come up and you extend nice and easy very basic very effective works all the time but once you're done with that once we are done with our triceps we'll move onto our bicep workout

1. EZ bar bicep curls

 for this I'll do the very first the very basic the mass building the EZ bar bicep curls now this is something where I can load the weight heavier and this is something where I can go very lower on the red so what I'll probably try doing is I'll do three or four sets and I'll do four to five REPS of each said why because this is a3-bit exercise this is a free bed movement. I don't have to worry about a machine therefore I can load heavy I can keep my core tight and I can lift some nice solid weight to gain some decent size in the smaller cloud now once I'm done with that I'll move on to my second exercise which is a secret

2.incline dumbbell curls

incline dumbbell curls I like to use them both together I like to curl the dumbbells together because that this helps my core and that does help me focus I will not move on the weight and once I'm done with that by the way I will do around three sets of eight six to eight reps or

incline dumbbell curls where once I'm done with that I'll go onto the cable machine

3.cable curls

 I'll do some cable curls three sets about ten to twelve reps because we are back in the cable pulley machine and machine is not good for lower rep so therefore I'll do some high reps with the three sets ten to twelve reps once we're done with that you can either mix and match our forearm and our other part of the base by doing some reverse curls on the same cable pulley machine or some hammer curls if you please I mean I like to alternate between hammer curls and cable comes from now and then because it's just a different way to train your arms and that's the very basic of you train in your arms to be more athletic and to make more sense out of it see the whole idea is I don't want to just do fifteen sets of 15 reps and have that hypertrophy lactic acid formation and feel that a big pump and be all crazy about it that's this time - are you getting a pump in your arms is just temporary it doesn't mean that your arms are getting stronger or bigger. I like to train everything in two different ways one is for the reps and one is for the high intensity therefore whenever there is a free weight out there whenever

 I'm doing tricep close grip tricep push down or whenever I'm trying to do Sep called with a but after doing the minimum reps with the fair decent amount of sets but when it comes to the machine. I'll try increasing my reps I'll try reducing myself this is how I train this is my current split and this is something that I would recommend you try in case you want to have both strength hand size in your arm over a long period of time I know but else I hope it was well worth your time but hey don't forget to stretch your arms post-workout because if you don't do that if you are not stretching yourself properly for 10-15minutes at least for 10-15 minutes you will not be growing around she'll be getting cramps and you will be getting stiffer and awkward day by day I don't want me to be stiff and awkward so keep these things in mind and use it in your favor in case you want to learn more about this athletic body training if you want to learn more about how do I gain what do I do and all that good things don't forget to let me know in the comment section and then probably start the whole new series on athletic body and the whole idea of how can you be your most athletic self but for now I have to go get my workout in so I'll go do that and do some squats.


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