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Workouts During Fever or cold is good or bad

Workouts During Fever or cold is good or bad?
Workouts During Fever or cold is good or bad?


Today we will talk about workouts during the cold and fever. So you guys really need to do workout or not. When you have fever and cold.


So, you guys really need to do workout? And can you follow the nutrition during fever and cold? And supplement are required or not during the fever. I will give you a detailed information about this.


Fever means 99° above your body temperature. When you have 100° F. Or more than 100°F. fever. Then I strongly suggest don't perform any workout.


You have take rest during the fever Because you will as soon as recover from the fever or you can back to normal temperature.


In first day of fever. If you have doing workouts, traveling and physical game during the fever. It definitely increases your fever. If you are not take care of your fever it will take 1-5 days continuously to recover from the fever.


So, many people are recover from

Fever in just 2 days. But your immune system is not good then it takes 5 days to recover from the fever. If you are giving attention on fever then your fever absolutely increases.


No matter how much money you have? Which cars you have? How good looking you are?

When you have on the bed and taking the medicines on that time. what you are feeling? Is totally different all the seak patients are

 same on that point.


So,simple thing is that humans body needs rest. Whenever you notice that you have fever then next day you should don't perform any workouts or avoid the workout for some days and just take rest.


If you have low headache then you can do the workout. It is ok. And low if you have less cold. Then you can absolutely perform the there is no issue. It means very low problem like low fever, less headaches and less cold then you can perform the workouts. But if you have too much cold and also have you cough. But you do not have fever. Just take one day off. Next day you will be fine.


I will always prefer if you have fever then you should have take at least 3 days off form the gym. Gym means you have completely off No any supplements. You need to take care of yourself during the fever. And also forget about the calories on that time.


So, when you take medicine during the fever that medicine will effect your appetite. And also slow down your metabolism. You don't get feel hungry and water will also be the bitter in taste during the fever and you can't able to drink water even you are thirsty.


So, if you have fever or you are filling not Good. Just take 1 to 3 days off completely. Don't worry about anything about exercise or nutrition. In 1-3 days you don't get any losses but you have chances to loose some weight at least 1-5 pounds which is temporary effect. That is the weight of water in your body because people's are not drinking water during the fever


After the fever when you have successfully recovered from the fever. You will feel some weakness in strength and stamina. You can't do the same same bench press with same weight, same cardio as the first day of the gym at the end of the week.


On that time you have to go back at least 2-3 days back to achieve the same strength and stamina. And you should also follow your main diet and then you will be fine


So, if you have fever or you have any type of symptoms. So just take one day rest. And what should you have to eat in fever? Forget about the eggs, chicken and fish just eat simple foods like

-plain Dal & Roti and sabji

-plain kitchdi

-cup of warm cow milk

-1 Glass pomegranate juice or orange juice