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Sweating makes you lose more fat (True or False)

Sweating makes you lose more fat (True or False)


Guy's our today topic is very simple but most of the people ask about that. More sweat makes you lose more fat. I have seen many people wearing jumpers or wearing more heavy thick clothes and they are running on treadmills. So, they can sweat more and it helps in more fat loss.


Many gym trainers are advocate this myths. They advised the people to wear the jumpers during the cardio exercise. So, they can sweat more and lose more fat. So we will know about this is true or false. Or it the myths.


First we know about why we sweat? and then we know it helps in calories burn or fat loss.

When ever our body sweat the aim of our body is to maintain the core temperature. It means our body have generate the heat while doing any work like respiration, eating, physical activity and now whenever our body temperature increases or environment temperature goes more. Or equal to your body temperature then your body start sweating.


And then your body release water from sweat gland. When your core temperature increase and that water and sweat absorb your heat from the skin and then evaporate. So it is the basic Funda of your system to cool down of the body temperature.



Our body core temperature is 98° F. In Celsius around 36.6°C. When the environment temperature is higher than our body then it transfer to our body and transfer of the heat will increase your body temperature. So that why we sweat during the summer.


But when we talk about exercising and physical activity on that time physical activity increases inside body temperature. It means our body temperature goes more than 98°F. Due to this hypothelenails will be off and that is the reason of sweating.


Sweating helps you body cool down and then sweat will evaporate. Now the normal sweating caused by heat and environment temperature or heating. It is the another thing but when you are doing any physical activities, Exercises and weight lifting then it not only your core temperature will be increase, but it also increase your heart rate and blood pressure. And the first reaction of our system is to cool down the body. So that why sweat gland release water.


Now come on point, Does more  sweating makes you lose more fat. So, the sweating really release the water from your body. Now we understand two things weight loss and fat loss. Does sweating cause the weight loss? The answer is right. Sweating really caused weight loss because the weight of the water is releasing from your body in the form of sweat.


But it is the temporary effects. When you finish your exercise and then you have eat and drink something and then you will be back to the normal body weight. So it is temporary effects. So, it is not technical that you sweat more and you will lose more fat.


When we talk about fat loss and definitely there is not any relation with the fat loss with the sweating. If you are thinking your sweating more and it helps you in the fats loss that is totally wrong. But when you are lifting weight and doing exercise and you are sweating continuously and also your blood pressure and heart rate is increase due to physical activity.


It means maybe you are burning more calories that helps you to lose you fat. But it don't have direct connection with the sweat. Fat loss means burning the more calories than you take. It helps you to your fat.


And the weight lifting and workouts helps you to burn more calories rather than doing the cardio. If you are doing 1 hour cardio training instead of Doing this you can do weight training that will burn more calories. You can also sweat during the workouts.


Sweating depends on many things. It depends on people to people. If you are overweight and more body mass than, of courses sweating will be more. Because they have more surface area. When ever they do workout and physical activities. Their core temperature will be increase . So to cool down the whole surface are sweating will be more.


So, it depends on many things. In which environment you are living hot or cold area? And it also depends on genetics. Some people have more Sweat gland and some have less. Specifically in the research have found that women sweat less as compared to the men's. Even they are doing the workouts or he/she are doing the same training.


And the sweat gland are equal of the both men and women.

So, if you are sweating more than don't think you are burning more calories. If you seat near the fire than you will also sweat so, sweating don't have direct relation with the fat burn.