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How much muscles gain Possible At home?

How much muscles gain Possible At home?

We are going to write about very important topic that is "How much muscle can gain at home." it possible to do muscle building at home only doing body weight exercise This question have many peoples because most of the people don't like to go gym or they don't have access of gym.

 Or they can also feel complex, hesitation or shy. Because they think gym is only for bodybuilders. What i can do there, if anyone ask me something what i will reply to them. Or they can give some taunts blah.

So we all want to know that how much muscle can gain at home only doing body weight exercise so, will give you the answer of this question.

 In fitness people have two goals: 1) fat loss 2)Muscles Building So, we can talk about fat loss in another blog post. But now we will talk about muscle building specifically. Which is to much hard to gain muscle.

So, when ever we talk about muscle building at home one question definitely comes in your mind that's "how much muscle can we build or gain at home" First we haven to know that How can muscles are building.

So have to understand a term that is "PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD" this is the key of the muscles Building. 2)What is the progressive overload? When ever you are doing the exercise or training. you stress your body through the training. That increases your stress continuously week-by-week, month-by-month that's we call progressive overload. The progressive overload load does not mean you can do this in one day, one week or two week of your workouts.

 You Increase your weight or load during the workout and increase your stress to do the progressive overload Progressive overload load means that you can continously increase your weight or load for some months so, that your body will develop or create a stress. And that you will continually increasing

The stress in your body through the training is called progressive overload. I will give a simple example of progressive overload that you will understand. When people are in the gym. They increase the weight in every sets of exercise. For Example:- when ever i will do bench press. I will lift only 50kg in first set. Then second set i Will lift 60kg and in the last sets of exercise i will lift 70kg.

 So, increasing the weight in every sets of exercise people will think that they are doing progressive overload. But actually that is not progressive overload. You have to really need to understand that what is progressive overload. So,think that you are doing 3 months training program. You can able to lift 50kg weight in first week and now at the last week of the training program you can able to lift 70 to 75kg.

 So that thing really We call them progressive overload. 3)Due to this the stress are coming on you body by doing the exercise or lifting the weight after 3 months of training. In progressive overload you are allowing to push your body. So that it will adopt that heavy load through training.

 When ever you're increasing your lifting weight. your body will be try to adopt this and helps to grow your muscles size this is what we call progressive overload loading When ever we talk about fitness and training. Then every person have different goals. Some one have to increase their strength. Some one have increase their endurance. Some have to do hypertrophy only muscles Building.

 In hypertrophy to increase the progressive overload have some ways. For example :- You can increase your weight or load during the workout and also add extra sets and repetition of exercise so that it increase your progressive overload. As we as you can also increase your workout frequency. If you training your body parts twice or thrice of week. Then, now you should train 4 day, 5 day or 6 day all of your body parts so it also increase your progressive overload.

 When we talk about home workout. Only with body weight so there are many ways to increase your progressive overload load at home. You can increase your number of set or you can increase your repetition, frequency of workouts and adding more exercises. We can do the progressive overload.

 In home workouts our body weight is same so, we can't able to increase the weight. May be you can gain some weight like 500gram or 1kg through training but it is does not effective for you. When we talk about weight or load in home workouts. We all are restrict in body weight training or in hypertrophy muscle building the load or weight is the main key factor of providing resistance on your body that help them muscle building. But in home body workouts that is main restriction. So you are doing body weight exercise at home may be it increase your endurance level, conditioning, cardiovascular strength or it increase your weight lifting capacity so you can able to lift same weight easily. But as compared to hypertrophy muscles All these gains are too much low because weight is the main factor of muscle building. How much resistance you can give your body through the weight. So, the conclusion is that if you are beginner if you are not doing any workouts. Then you can start with body weight workouts at home may be you can gain some muscle mass about 1 to 4kg. But restriction come after some muscle gain and you can't able to build more muscle. So you have to buy dumbbells, resistance band and other gym equipment or maybe you have to join a gym membership.