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How long should you train in the gym? 45min, 1hr, 1:30 hr is enough or over training

 How long should you train in the gym? 45min, 1hr, 1:30 hr is enough or over training


Guy today we Wil talk about very important topic that is "how long you should train our body part in the gym"


Is 45 min. Is enough or 1 hour is enough or 2 hours we spend in the gym. And what is the right timing for training and workouts so you should can do it.


So, I will give you the detail information about this. And also important because i will gone a talk about intensity.


So, keep reading the blog. Guys when we talk about workouts timing?

Is that 45 min. Is enough or not. The right timing for the normal people. Who only want to get fit or maintain their own weight. Or those who do 9 am to 5 pm job for those people half hours (30-45min.) workouts is enough for a day


So, when we talk specifically about normal people workout timing 40-45 min. Is enough but when we talk about special cases where your serious goals comes like muscle building and fat loss. So, you have need at least 1Hr.-1:15Hr. minimum for workout training because it also includes warm up sets.


A regular warm up done by normal people for the 45 min. Of workout that don't work because you are  destroying your muscles at gym so that your muscles and joints are ready for the heavy workout. It minimum required 10-15 minutes for warm up.


Now many people have questions. They are doing right exercises and also giving the proper timing for the workout but they can't able to build muscle because of they have lack of intensity in their overall workouts. It means that they are not following the intensity and in their workouts.


For example: how much intensity i can produce in one set of exercises you have have take 3-4 of exercises to execute the same amount of energy.


So, we have to understand that intensity play big role in the our workouts. And this can be achieved by the experience and practice.

For those who are bigneers. They are only doing muscle building in past 2-3 year. They maybe can't execute this intensity in less sets.

But you don't need to take tension about it. It take practice and is comes with time.


Most of the big bodybuilders. They only do 2 sets of exercise but they lead to their muscle at failure. So how much intensity they are executing during the workout can you imagine.


So, again I'm telling you it comes with time but as a beginner you should understand this you are adding volume in your workouts because you can't able to generate the intensity or stress level. So that you have needs more training.

When you grow up from beginner to advanced. Then your intensity will be very high and your volume of sets automatically decrease.


For example:- you are able to lift 50 kg Squats of 3 aets as a beginner. But after after 5-6 years later. You are able to do 200 kg Squats. Which is four times multiple. So that stress coming on your Nervous system, Immune system and Recovery system will not Change more. Unless you are in anabolic steroids.


So, i have already talk about this volume training Wil not works more. If you have learn mange the intensity. So, the final conclusion is that 45min., 1Hr and 1:30Hr of training that all are right timing. As long as you are giving the right intensity in your workouts. In 45 min. Workouts. If you are torches your muscles and your intensity is also high then it leads you to the muscles Building.