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Does Workouts Effects on Height Growth?

Does Workouts Effects on Height Growth?


First you have to know the reason why anyone can say that. And I'm also told you are on which point your height can stop due to the workouts.


Your Height is genetic it is already fixed and you can not alter your genes. If you are able to grow 6 feet then you will definitely achieve this height. But 5%-10% have some chances to stop your height growth. If you're doing workout and also don't giving the proper nutrition to your body.


If you are doing biceps workouts, chest workouts, back workouts and abs workout then there is no any connection with these muscles with your height.

You know that from where your your height is growing. It is growing from your spine.

 So, when you are exercise and try to lift anything more heavy like heavy dumbbells, heavy barbells upper then your shoulder level. On that point your spine compress.


So, you are doing over the head exercise with heavy dumbells or heavy barbell then you are compressing your spine and height are growing due to spine. But I'm again telling you your height is genetic. And your height is reduce very minimum during the workouts and it is temporary effects.


So, what should you have to do so, your height can't stop growing and you can also do the exercise. I have told you in upper line if you are training your biceps, chest, back, abs, hamstring and glute then there is no any connection with these muscles with your height. Train these muscles heavy there is no any problem. You can also perform the shoulder exercises like front raise, side raise shoulder exercise, there is no problem


But over the head dumbell press or barbell press on that point you can't use heavy weights. It doesn't mean you should avoid this type exercise. You can do this exercise but can't use heavy dumbbells and barbells. It should be the medium or medium light not heavy. So that it will not compress your spine and there no any stress produce on your spine.


If any weight comes on your shoulders. When you are doing over head barbell press then more stress comes on your muscles along with joints and spine.


So, you can use only light weight dumbbells and barbells. And second is squat performing the squat it compress your spine so that you can use medium weight. If you want to do the squat.


Instead of doing the squat you can do leg press and dumbell squat. It is light in weight and don't effect your height growth. You height definitely grow between the age of 15-21 years. And you are 21 plus then 99%  of the people height stop growing.


1% is left because every individual is different genes and different structure. There is no fix rule in the world. But we are talk about 1% is  very minority chances


So, do the workouts and during the shoulder press and squat don't use any heavy weight. And you do all these exercise that don't effects your height. If you're at the age of 16-17 and anyone say you. Workouts stop your height then they are totally stupid. You can do this various exercises that increases your height. You can do rope skipping and pull up to increase your height and again I'm telling you your height is genetic.


The no age of joining the gym. If your age is between the 17-18 years. Then I suggest you definitely join the gym because it helps your muscles and bone to grow. It affects your height but it is the positive effect that increase you height instead of stopping them


But if you do not want to take any chances and risk you should avoid these 3 exercises

1) Overhead shoulder press

2) squat

3) Deadlifts

I'm again repeating you. Your height is genetic and it already fixed.