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Cold Bath or Hot Bath which one is better after workouts.


Cold Bath or Hot Bath which one is better after workouts.


Today we will cover a important topic. Many people ask about this and i will give the detailed information about this.


Which one we have to take after workouts cold or hot? So have to know about this then you should try which one is best for you.


I think both bath are alright. But it depends on you which bath you should suits you.


So, we can understand first the cold bath? What benefits you have when you take cold bath? When you do high intensity workouts and have sweat a lot and then you go for shower at your home.


So, when you take cold cold shower it decrease your body temperature that is raise during the workouts. The body temperature suddenly drops. It is shock for your system. It also slow down your blood circulation when you take cold bath.


So, it drops your temperature and slow down blood circulation. That means it makes your muscles stiff due to the cold bath.


Whenever anybody have injury during the workout, sports and game then they have inflammation in their body parts.

The cold bath decreases the inflammation in their muscles.


It also reduces the pain in you joints and ligaments. You have also seen that most of the athletes are using ice therapy or cold water shower because their joints and ligaments or muscle are used most during the game and the injuries are the most common in the sport for a player. So that they want immediate relief from the inflammation. The pain of inflammation is temporary paused by taking the cold bath.


And now you have to see in which category you can come. Let talk about the hot shower. Your body temperature have already raised and you have taken then hot shower. Due to the hot shower it relax your muscles but in cold shower your muscles will stiff and tight. And it also improves your blood flow. And you know your blood carries all the nutrients and it is not to be delay in in your recovery process.


It means your body depending on the nutrients, protein shakes and eggs. Whatever you had eat in your post workouts or during the workouts. So the delivery of the nutrition done by the blood. And the cold bath slow the blood circulation and hot shower bath increases the blood flow and then it improves your recovery rate.


Now, the hot shower will relax your muscles and the feeling the relax is important. And second It also opens your skin pores. When your skin pores are open body helps to detox. When you wash your face with warm water. It opens your skin pores. And it is cleaning process is good. It means hot shower open your pores that helps in detox your body and gives you better cleaning process and also it relax your muscles.


And it decreases the muscles fatigue that is always happening during the workout.


So, which shower is best for you hot or cold?


If you are dealing with the injuries. Do you have any crazy muscles injuries like muscle pull, muscle toned, joint or ligaments problems like lower back pain, knee pain, elbow pain, joint pain, hip pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain. It the pain of joints, bone and tendon.


Cold shower is the best for decrease the pain in joints. We are always advised the people during the injuries stay away from the hot things Like hot therapy and hot showers. You have to follow for 2 day's cold shower.


So, now you have understand that why you should have take cold bath during the injuries. And second if you don't any injuries or pain and joint and ligaments problems then pick hot water.


Not too much hot it means room temperature water. It is a will helps you to relax your muscles. And also clean up your system. And they also help you to decrease the muscle fatigue. Which is necessary because you are not dealing with any injury and that is important.


Well personally about me i don't always take the cold or hot bath. Well not it depends on the situation. If my workout is too much intensive, heavy workouts and I have crazy pain and inflammation in my body because of heavy workouts. Then I will go with the warm and cold water. It means not much cold and not much hot. If you have done the legs exercise, back workout and shoulder workout and you have pain in your joints. then I mostly chose the cold shower.