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Biceps workouts for size and mass

Biceps workouts for size and mass


There are many benefits of having good biceps. You can walking in style, take selfish by flexing you arms you and shake hand with your friends in different way.


Today we will talk about top 5 biceps exercises that increase your biceps growth quickly.

First of all before you are going to start your workout session. You have to do warm up set of your biceps exercise because it prepared you muscles for heavy lifting without any injuries.

You can do biceps curls with lighter weight dumbbell for warm up set. At least do 3 sets of 10 reps.


After the warm up sets you can use heavy dumbbell for biceps curls.

1)Biceps Curls: This exercise is performed with dumbbells. Choose the dumbells which that fits you to do this exercise. The starting position of biceps curls is straight your body posture and up you chest. When you are holding dumbbell in your hands at that time your muscles are to be stretched and do the workout in slowly. Then back to your starting of biceps curls. Many peoples are doing doing this exercise by moving their legs. It divert all muscles forces.

It's means they don't targets your single muscles. When ever you are doing biceps exercises then all force will be targets on your biceps muscles. So, when you are doing biceps curls just lock your or fix your legs in one place and then perform your biceps exercise try to fully stretch or contract your biceps muscles


Biceps curls= 3-4min*10-12 reps

You should always try to increase your weight after each and every sets of exercises


Preacher curls:- for this exercise you can use the zig-zag barbell. Which is free to move in this preacher curls machine. When you are performing this exercise you position are fully stable and your both hands are also should be fixed. And choose the weight that is ideal for you. When holding the barbell. you have to feel your biceps should be fully stretched.. . And start your workout by holding the barbell and goes up at least it like touches your mouth and try to fix your body and do this exercise slowly.

Preacher curls= 3*10-12reps


Concentration curls:- For this exercise you have need a table or bench. So you can seat on it. Then Bend you both knees equally and take normal weight dumbbells. When you're doing this exercise your biceps muscles are to be stretched not in relax position.  And you make sure elbows are able to touches the thigs. When You are doing this exercise you should try to fully contract your biceps muscles.


Concentration curls:- 3*10-12 reps


Close grip biceps curls:- for this exercise you need a barbell. In this exercise try to place you both hand grip closer. Then your both arms are also touches your body. And the last perform this exercise slowly because it gives more benefits than fast performing.


Close Grip Biceps Curls:- 3-4*10-12reps


Biceps Hammer curls:- for this exercise you have a dumbbell. this exercise is target your Biceps Brachi long head. And this exercise also increases you vein size.


Biceps Hammer Curls= 3*12-15reps


Biceps Barbell curls: for this exercise you need a barbell and place you hand grip wider than your shoulder width it targeted your Biceps Brachi short head due to this it increase your biceps width. You should try to use heavy weight. This exercise will give you cutting in your biceps

Biceps Barbell curls=3*12-15


Plate curls:- In the exercise you have need a plate the weight that suits you. This is the similar exercise of close grip biceps curls so, you can perform as it is. You should always increase your weight of plate after every set of exercises.