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5 proven way to boost testosterone naturally.

 5 proven way to boost testosterone naturally...


Why we need testosterone

Why many gymmers and bodybuilders talk about testosterone harmone.

Because testosterone helps in muscle building, sexual performance, height, Hair and skin.

Testosterone is the male harmone so that why we need testosterone basically for the muscles Building that is most important for us.


I will tell you 5 ways to boost your testosterone levels

1) Reduce your fat:

It is normal things, just be slim. Reduce your body fat percentage 20-30% try to be maintain 15-16%. it will increase your testosterone levels

Reason being if you fat percentage from is more than it convert in to Estrogen Harmone that is female harmone. So, if you want you testosterone levels high then you should have reduce your fat percentage. It should maintain 15% or 16% you don't go much low of body fat percentage. Studies show that if your fat percentage is lower than 10% then your testosterone will be low.

So, you should maintain basic level of fat percentage like 14-15%.


2) Eat Fat Foods:

Yes,fats are not your enemy. We should include fat 20%-25% in our diet. Good fat foods increase our testosterone levels. Foods like almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, butter and cheese etc. So, you should have to include in your daily diet


3) Do Resistance Training:

Guys, nothing is better than resistance training. if you are not doing gym then you should do regular 20-30Min. training is enough for you. Resistance training included mainly compound movements. Compound movements exercises like: Bench Press, Squats, Shoulder Press, Barbell Rows, Deadlifts so, all of these exercises you should never avoid in the gym. The first thing it should build your muscles and then it increase your testosterone levels.


4) vitamin D and Zinc:

Zinc helps more to improve your testosterone. Your should take foods items that contains zinc you can includes in your diets or you can also take zinc supplements which is easily available in the market. And vitamin-D also helps you to boost your testosterone level. Vitamin-D comes from sun rays we all know thats and you can also take supplement of vitamin-D these are very cheap products. I will everyone recommend to eat vitamin-D.


5) sleep:-

How long we can spend your time on mobile phones in night. So, that thing we have need to give up. Almost we have to take 9-8 hours sleep regularly. If you are doing gym or any type of workout then you show minimum take 8 hours of sleep is necessary. If your sleep cycle is good then your testosterone levels goes up. You should also Try to be free yourself from any types of stress. If you can take good sleep then automatically you have less stress. When we have less stress the brain release cotizel... Harmone that decrease our testosterone level so these things can helps to improve you testosterone levels naturally.


Sign of low testosterone?

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is basically a harmone which have produce in men and women both. In men's this harmone produce in large amounts and more in the female this harmone is less produce.


In the age of 15 to16 years old the testosterone harmone is very high. In 26 to 27 years old this harmone is on peak. But after 30 years old this harmone start decreasing. Testosterone harmone depends on many things :- diet, Healthy Lifestyle, junk food and sleep etc.


How to find you have low testosterone :-

1) you don't have muscles in your body and your body produce more fat on belly area and chest area these are the sign of low testosterone.

2) E-rectile Disfunction:

In morning when we wake up we noticed that we have get boner this is happened when our testosterone level is very good. But you don't have notice boner in morning that means your testosterone level is low. And that is not good for you. You will feel low energetic, moody and low strength you can't lift any thing heavier and hair loss is also sign of low testosterone.


3) if you have more fat than you have low testosterone and if you have low fat the you have good amount of testosterone levels.