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3 Things To Remove Belly Fat?


3 Things To Remove Belly Fat?


Today we are going to talk about belly fat. Many people have belly fat problem so today we will discuss everything. I will told you how to handle the belly fat or which things you need to follow in you diet or in your training.


When we talk about belly fat. belly fat is same as the fat in your over all body but genetic wise or you can say gender wise. We have some areas in our body where fats are deposit more. In male's fat are deposited at stomach or belly area and it is deposited for long time.


Im female have differents areas like thigs, booty and triceps areas.

The fat deposited areas are varies for both.


We will considered the belly fat as the overall body fat. That solution we will use to reduce the belly fat. Which is used for over all body.


Why our body will stored fat?

Because if you consume too much foods then your requirements. Then your body will stored that foods for future as a fat. This is running from the ancient times and our body is designed according to this.


In ancient times when people don't have foods for survival or they don't hunt any animals. In this condition body use their own stored fat to survive. But now this time it it is not need to do this. We have fridge and cabinets where we can store our foods. And also know that what to eat or how much eat the food. This is already have planned but if you consume more calories than your body stored these extra calories in the form of fat in your body.


So, you Follow These 3 things to remove belly fat:-


1) Food Selection

Choose your food Wisely. You have to notice these 2 things during the selection. First thing is Carbohydrates and Fats. Choose the complex carbohydrates because it not quickly convert in to the glucose. It takes time to absorb and digest. So that it will give you energy slowly slowly throughout of the day. It also to much filling as compared to simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates rapidly convert into glucose and sugar. And it is send sugar in your blood stream that spike your insulin and it will give you to much energy immediately. Which is don't use your body and that is stored in the form of fat in your body.


Complex carbohydrates is more filling more fiber as compared to simple carbohydrates


Complex carbohydrates have in this foods like roti, rice, wheat, potatoes. This type of foods contain complex carbohydrates.


In simple carbohydrates pizza, burgers, candy, chocolates and juices. This type of food comes. It is convert quickly into glucose and gives you too much calories in one time. which not good for your body. Which leads you a lots of problems like diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.


When you take same amount of simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Then you can get more calories in simple carbohydrates which is not good. It seems very less when you look but inside the simple carbohydrates have more calories. Which is don't needs to our body.


But in complex carbs it is look more in look and have more carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutritional benefits so always select carbohydrates complex carbohydrates.


Or 2nd thing is fat it means healthy fat intakes like nut, ghee, mastuard oil and coconut oil. This type of oil which is not processed and refined. So you can consume your fat from these foods sources. It is necessary because it helps to absorb your vitamins in your body. Which is necessary for the overall of the health like hormones production and overall function of your body. so select your fat on this basis.


2) Drinks

You have also chose your drink wisely. Which you have consuming on the daily basis and any processed drinks. Which contains sugar you do not have to consume. Whenever you buy packed juices from the market that contains a lots of sugar. If you drink packed juices of 100 gram that contains already added 40% sugar. So notice is too much for one serving.


I suggest to don't consume this type of drinks. You can take green coffee, green tea, coconut water and water instead of drinking these sugary juices. And you can also choose the juices that comes from natural raw foods that you have made at your own home.