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Six pack Abs Exercises

Six pack abs exercises
Six pack Abs Exercises
I’ve compiled six exercises which i believe to be quite effective for strengthening and toning the abdominals. Working out your whole body with resistance and cardio training and practicing great  diet management does more for making your abs visible than focusing in on your abs alone.
You could do a thousand crunches everyday and never see those abs unless you follow the aforementioned guidelines.

Resistance training for abs training your abs need not be a complicated issue. The best approach, as with any type of resistance training is to mix up your routine every now and then.
 By diversifying your ab routine you will notice that you get faster results and it keeps the process interesting.  One of the many fitness myths or misconceptions is that the best way to get get beautiful abs is by exercising them every time you work out.
 Not so.  Bottom line… any muscle you exercise needs time to repair.  If muscles are over worked they will not grow or repair properly.  If you want your ab routine to be successful give your abs at least 1 to 2 days rest after intense abdominal training.

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Bicycle crunch - the bicycle crunch is one of the best exercises for exercising the abs and the waist line. Try and shoot for 12-15 reps per set on this exercise.
 Lay flat on the floor and place both hands behind the head. Bring both knees up towards the chest. Begin a slow pedaling motion with the legs as if you’re riding a bicycle.
Simultaneously lift the right shoulder blade off the floor and move the right elbow across the torso to meet the left knee.  Repeat movement by alternating sides… left shoulder to right knee, right shoulder to left knee, etc. Tip:
this is not known as a beginner exercise but if you are a beginner and you try it be sure to maintain good form (as is true with all resistance exercises)… even if it means doing less during each set.

Reverse crunch – this is a smashing exercise for targeting the harder to define lower abs.  It utilizes a very small movement so be sure not to overdo it by swinging and bouncing the hips. Lay face up with the arms outstretched beside the body – palms facing down.
Lift both left and right knees  to make a 90 degree angle – feet together. Use the lower abs to lift the hips from the floor.  The knees should move up and back towards the ceiling. Lower the hips and repeat movement.
I recommend 4-5 sets, 12-15 reps. Tip: you can also try variation of this called the vertical leg crunch by stretching out your legs fully, feet together, toes pointing towards the ceiling.

Traditional crunch - the traditional crunch is more of a beginner exercise but is still very effective when thrown into your routine every now and then. I try to get the most out of it by repeating the movement until i’m too fatigued to do anymore.  This is called going to failure. Lay flat on the floor and place both hands behind the head. With knees slightly bent and feet flat on the floor (you can also scoot up to a chair and rest your legs on it, making a 90 degree bend at the back of the knee), place the hands behind the head – touching at the finger tips.  Using your abdominals, lift both shoulder blades off the floor. During the movement, imagine you have a baseball between your chest and your chin. This will help your form.

Captain’s chair - this exercise is known as an advanced exercise and is one of the most effective abdominal exercises overall. If you are not familiar with this exercise be sure to ask a gym trainer to introduce you to the captain’s chair.
This exercise can also be done as a modified version at home using a dining chair but i will describe the one done with gym equipment as i believe it yield better results for this exercise. Take hold of the hand grips - forearms nestled firmly on forearm cradles.  Press lower back against the back pad.
To begin, let the legs hang below and then tilt the hips forward, slowly bringing your knees up through the center towards your chest. Slowly lower your legs to start position and repeat (do not swing).
 Another variation (more advanced) of this exercise is to keep your legs straight throughout the movement, raising them until they are parallel with the floor.  The obliques can also be worked by bring the knees up to the chest diagonally.

The plank - this movement is one of the best and most popular exercises for building core abdominal strength. Begin by placing both knees on the floor.  Lean forward to rest both forearms flat on the floor and make your palms into fists.
 Fully extend your legs until your body is straight and your weight is supported only by your toes and your forearms. Make sure to keep the butt down and maintain a straight line from your head all the way through to your heels. Hold for a count of 10-20 (depending on level of fitness). Repeat 4-5 times.

Exercise ball crunches - lay facing the ceiling with the lower to middle back resting on the exercise ball.  Keep the feet flat on the floor and place the hands behind the head as with the traditional crunch.
 Keeping the ball steady (no rolling) lift the torso away from the ball by squeezing the abdominals.  Slowly return to origin stretching the abs. I recommend 4 sets, 12-20 reps.
  6 pack abs strengthen your abs and lose belly fat to get ripped abs. Learn how to get abs with the best ab exercises, and belly fat loss tips and tricks. Get 6-pack abs.


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