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16 Gym Workouts Tips For Fastest Muscles Growths

Workout Tips -For fastest results.

Here are some Best workouts tips you should add in your workouts routine which may definitely help you in fastest muscle growth.

No 1.Perform One Good Set

Although I don't agree with other experts stating one set of each exercise provides as many benefits as 2 or 3 sets, it is much better than doing nothing.
 If you have limited time for weight training or if you are completely new to the gym, perform one good set and make sure you struggle with the last few repetitions.

No 2.Compound the Issue

To get through weight training in the shortest possible time while hitting all of the major muscle groups, perform compound movements.
What are compound movements? Exercises that utilize more than one muscle group during the movement. Examples include:
Bench Press
Lat Pulldowns

No 3. Jump-Start Your Day

Try getting in some strength movements before you hit the shower.fitness logo Basic movements include body squats, lunges, or other calisthenics that require no equipment (crunches, push-ups, etc.

No 4.Split It Up

Remember that one 15 minute session of exercise in the morning and another 15 minute session in the evening provides the same benefits as one 30 minute exercise session.
If you can't get it all in at once, split it up for great results!

No 5.Get Friendly

Working out with a friend can make things go by faster by keeping you motivated and held accountable.

No 6. Get Un-Friendly

Eliminate or reduce social chit-chat, even if you know everyone in the gym. Keep moving while they talk, or be like me and wear those funny-looking big earphones. They'll get the hint.

No 7.Intensify Your Cardio

You'll burn more calories in a shorter period of time by increasing your intensity levels. Instead of, say, 60 minutes of cardio, try cranking up the intensity for 20 to 30 minutes for a similar effect.

No 8.Intervals

Use intervals while performing cardiovascular exercise by working at a level you perceive as "hard" or "very hard" for two minutes. Then, lower your effort level for one minute. Repeat the cycle continuously for 20-30 minutes.

No 9.Warm Up

Warming up is critical to any regular exercise routine. Not only will it warm up your joints, it will improve muscle elasticity which prevents injury and increases performance. Simply put, you'll get results faster while preventing lengthy setbacks from preventable injuries.

No 10.Know What to Do

A major pitfall of most exercisers. I see people in the gym every day walking around like they are lost and not knowing what to do next.
 What a waste of time! Get yourself a great training routine with everything planned out for you ahead of time. Make it easy by visiting the Online Video Store!

No 11.Try Something New

Another major pitfall of most exercisers is repeating the same routines. You must not let your body adapt to your routine!. If it does, you'll welcome yourself to where most exercisers are: Plateau City U.S.A. You must vary your routines to keep your body stimulated.
This way you'll spend less time working out and more time enjoying your results. The proven routines in the Members Only area change every 4 weeks so all of the research and thinking is done for you!

No 12.Super Sets

Instead of resting between sets, use that time to hit an opposing muscle group or another exercise for the same body part. For example:
Bicep curls with triceps kickback
Stationary lunges with lying leg curls
Bench presses with lat pulldowns

No 13.Convenient Water Supply

By using a water bottle, you'll save trips going to the drinking fountain and sometimes even waiting in line.

No 14.Don't Peak

If at all possible, avoid peak hours at your gym or health club, usually between 4-7 p.m.

No 15. Cardio Circuit Training

This involves combining a fat-burning cardio workout with weight lifting. It is done by first performing a strength exercise for about 1 minute and then immediately following it with a cardio activity such as jump roping, rowing, or stair climbing for one minute.
This will provide you with cardio and strength training benefits all at once in relatively little time.

No 16.Weight Training Circuit

Using this circuit, a user simply performs one weight training exercise and then moves on to the next exercise and so on with no rest between.
Once the "circuit" is complete, a user may go back and perform a second or third set, depending on the user's goals, fitness level, and number of exercises in the circuit.
This is in contrast to the "traditional" approach, where a user rests anywhere from 30-180 seconds between sets, which saves the time spent on "rest intervals."
The Members Only area takes the user's personal information and automatically provides the proper routine (and with NO THINKING!).

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