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Best Exercise To Grow your Biceps And triceps

  Best Workouts To Grow Your Biceps And Triceps size All right so I have written about this topic I discussed.  all right ease the about this topic in one of my other articles and you all seem very interested you all seem very excited about it gentleman. the the topic was the idea was how to get an athletic body or how should you work out what should you do what are the few things you should keep in mind if you want that perfect athletic body because let's be honest here. I have not a big muscular guy, I am not some huge powerlifts that are very aesthetically pleasing bodybuilder but I think I have attained a decent athletic physique over the years I think I have attained some decent athletic strength over the year. it won't be anything harmful it won't be anything bad if I share my process if I tell you what I have learnt and what can you do to attain or to get that nice aesthetic body so you have been requesting you have been wanting no you have it no you have my very fir

The Ultimate Guide To Be More Mascular

HOW TO BE MORE   MASCULAR All right so you want to be big you want to be strong beautiful in high school feral or college festival all for your overall physical health the point being you want some muscle and you want it fast. well that's the stupid because there is no shortcut to strength and size after all so if you are looking for something quick and easy shut this blog   and go read   something else but if you are serious about your long-term health. if you're serious about your muscle and strength gains if you do care and if you do give a single flight about your personal health settle down get comfortable and read   this blog gentleman my name Aanand sah and this is my story.   Your story to take you back in time and show you. how why and when I did it so why wait why delay.   okay so before I get into the diet before I tell you what food to eat and which exercise split should you do let's go back in time let me take you for a ride it's so back to where it all s

Sweating makes you lose more fat (True or False)

Sweating makes you lose more fat (True or False)   Guy's our today topic is very simple but most of the people ask about that. More sweat makes you lose more fat. I have seen many people wearing jumpers or wearing more heavy thick clothes and they are running on treadmills. So, they can sweat more and it helps in more fat loss.   Many gym trainers are advocate this myths. They advised the people to wear the jumpers during the cardio exercise. So, they can sweat more and lose more fat. So we will know about this is true or false. Or it the myths.   First we know about why we sweat? and then we know it helps in calories burn or fat loss. When ever our body sweat the aim of our body is to maintain the core temperature. It means our body have generate the heat while doing any work like respiration, eating, physical activity and now whenever our body temperature increases or environment temperature goes more. Or equal to your body temperature then your body start sweating.   An

Cold Bath or Hot Bath which one is better after workouts.

  Cold Bath or Hot Bath which one is better after workouts.   Today we will cover a important topic. Many people ask about this and i will give the detailed information about this.   Which one we have to take after workouts cold or hot? So have to know about this then you should try which one is best for you.   I think both bath are alright. But it depends on you which bath you should suits you.   So, we can understand first the cold bath? What benefits you have when you take cold bath? When you do high intensity workouts and have sweat a lot and then you go for shower at your home.   So, when you take cold cold shower it decrease your body temperature that is raise during the workouts. The body temperature suddenly drops. It is shock for your system. It also slow down your blood circulation when you take cold bath.   So, it drops your temperature and slow down blood circulation. That means it makes your muscles stiff due to the cold bath.   Whenever anybody have injury d

5 proven way to boost testosterone naturally.

  5 proven way to boost testosterone naturally...   Why we need testosterone Why many gymmers and bodybuilders talk about testosterone harmone. Because testosterone helps in muscle building, sexual performance, height, Hair and skin. Testosterone is the male harmone so that why we need testosterone basically for the muscles Building that is most important for us.   I will tell you 5 ways to boost your testosterone levels 1) Reduce your fat: It is normal things, just be slim. Reduce your body fat percentage 20-30% try to be maintain 15-16%. it will increase your testosterone levels Reason being if you fat percentage from is more than it convert in to Estrogen Harmone that is female harmone. So, if you want you testosterone levels high then you should have reduce your fat percentage. It should maintain 15% or 16% you don't go much low of body fat percentage. Studies show that if your fat percentage is lower than 10% then your testosterone will be low. So, you should mainta

How much muscles gain Possible At home?

How much muscles gain Possible At home? We are going to write about very important topic that is "How much muscle can gain at home." it possible to do muscle building at home only doing body weight exercise This question have many peoples because most of the people don't like to go gym or they don't have access of gym.   Or they can also feel complex, hesitation or shy. Because they think gym is only for bodybuilders. What i can do there, if anyone ask me something what i will reply to them. Or they can give some taunts blah. So we all want to know that how much muscle can gain at home only doing body weight exercise so, will give you the answer of this question.   In fitness people have two goals: 1) fat loss 2)Muscles Building So, we can talk about fat loss in another blog post. But now we will talk about muscle building specifically. Which is to much hard to gain muscle. So, when ever we talk about muscle building at home one question definitely comes in your

3 Things To Remove Belly Fat?

  3 Things To Remove Belly Fat?   Today we are going to talk about belly fat. Many people have belly fat problem so today we will discuss everything. I will told you how to handle the belly fat or which things you need to follow in you diet or in your training.   When we talk about belly fat. belly fat is same as the fat in your over all body but genetic wise or you can say gender wise. We have some areas in our body where fats are deposit more. In male's fat are deposited at stomach or belly area and it is deposited for long time.   Im female have differents areas like thigs, booty and triceps areas. The fat deposited areas are varies for both.   We will considered the belly fat as the overall body fat. That solution we will use to reduce the belly fat. Which is used for over all body.   Why our body will stored fat? Because if you consume too much foods then your requirements. Then your body will stored that foods for future as a fat. This is running from the ancient