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Easy Steps to Get Bigger Biceps

The biceps muscle is one of the most coveted muscles a person has. for some guys they can practically look at some dumbbells and POW- their arms get bigger. For those of us with out such a superior genetic makeup are not so fortunate. We have to work extra hard to get bigger biceps. Perhaps we have been working too hard. Muscles need time to recover and more importantly they do not do well if trained for a period of time exceeding forty five minutes.

bigger biceps

Biceps are actually comprised of two sets of muscles; the biceps themselves, and the smaller muscles that attach the biceps to the triceps. You must remember to target both of these sets in order to receive the full benefits of the exercise. The most effective method proven to enlarge your biceps is to provide stimulation across the entire muscles.

1. Keep your arm routine under forty five minutes. The biceps muscle is actually two main muscles. To get bigger biceps we need to focus on each part of the biceps separately.

2. Strictly limit your bicep workouts. Your biceps are actually more prone to overstraining than perhaps any other muscle group. This is simply because your arms are used to exercise other muscle groups such as chest, shoulder, and back. Contrary to popular belief, lifting weight like crazy will not develop your muscles. Overtraining can be as bad or worse than not training at all.

3. Choose three to four exercises that target both the inner and outer head of the muscle. Guys (and girls) with really awesome biceps have a definitive line separating the two heads. to see the best results we must remember this principle. Try using a wide grip on an e-z bar for your standing curls, then switch to a narrow grip for your preacher curls. This will target the inner and outer heads. A supine grip (palms facing in towards your thighs) should be used to get bigger biceps when using dumbbells.

4. Muscle Squeezing. Your biceps need to be shown what its like to actually be bigger. You can accomplish this by flexing or squeezing the bicep at the top of every curl for approximately 2 seconds. This squeezing will cause the muscle to contract and force blood, water, and lactic acid into the contracted bicep thus intensifying each rep.

5. Eat food. Lots of food! You need to be eating more calories than you burn if you want to gain muscle. Therefore, not just eating plenty of protein but also plenty of carbs too. Fish, meat and eggs are a great source of protein. You need to be eating at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

6. When doing dumbbell curls start with a supine grip, in the middle of your curling motion evenly rotate your wrist until you palm is facing up and at the top of your curl give it an extra twist t really squeeze the muscle hard. To get bigger biceps we also need to keep stretching in mind.

7. Go Up In Weight/Reps Now that you’re tracking your lifts, you need to ensure that you’re going up in either weight or reps for your bicep/tricep exercises each weight traning session. Even if you go up by 2 ½ pounds or go up by only 1 rep, this is progress! It’s a marathon, not a sprint, this is a lifestyle change remember?

8. Choose an exercise such as inclined dumbbell curls and really let the arm fully extend and stretch at the bottom. This will allow more blood flow to the muscle cell tissue, pumping nutrients, which you need to get bigger biceps, into the muscle. Studies have shown that when you work out in the evening you have an increased level of growth hormone.

9. Bicep curls are everyone’s favorite exercise. People love them so much; they even do them in the squat rack to watch themselves grow. So why do all of these same people still small with spaghetti arms. The reason is they forgot the other part of their arms that contributes 60% of the total arms size – the triceps. Train your triceps with the same intensity as you do your biceps to get big arms. Do this and you’ll be ahead of the pack.

10. If possible schedule your workouts after work, and then go eat a healthy dinner. Plenty of rest Many people think that the more you train, the better results you’ll get. Your body needs time to heal after an intense workout, so if you overtrain, you may not give your body enough time to rest and this could damage muscles! I bet you didn’t know that your muscle grows while your resting, rather than in the gym! Aim to workout no more than 3 times a week and make sure to get plenty of rest.

11. I am often shocked to see people drinking cans of fizzy pop and eating bags of potato chips after they have finished working out at the gym. You might not believe me but I can assure you that I have seen it with my own two eyes. The simple fact is that you can workout in the gym every day for the next 6 months and see very little results if you are eating the wrong foods. My advice if you are just starting out would be to start off slow and gradually start to cut junk food out of your diet.

This should help you to get bigger biceps, and it is a good guideline to follow for you other muscle groups.